The benefit of having Venture Management on your team is we offer that unique combination of experience and expertise that includes:

  • Building five successful businesses
  • Helping over 300 founders and leaders grow their businesses
  • Learning from our own successes and mistakes
  • Extensive training in business best practices

We organize our support into three key aspects of business success:

Planning Your Business - We assume a key role in ensuring the planning process is properly carried out and results in a sound successful plan for growth.

Leading Your Business - We provide the one on one mentoring you and your key direct reports need to meet both expectations and real business needs.

Growing Your Business - We help assess where you really are, define the steps to full success and help carry out those tasks necessary to meet your objectives.

The businesses we have worked with range from the smallest retail store to Fortune 500 companies and represent virtually every industry and vertical market. The vast diversity of our experience also includes national trade associations, and key US and foreign governments.

Our Company
"Working with VMI has been critical to the success our business has had this year. The problem solving techniques and entrepreneurial experiences they bring to the table have allowed me to efficiently and effectively accelerate the growth of my business."
Marketing and Promotions Firm
"Nothing characterizes the successful organization so much as its willingness to abandon what has been long successful"
Theodore Levitt
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