Not only are we affordable - better yet - the harder we work for you the less we cost.

We don't just give advice, walk away and send you a significant bill for our services. We provide the support you need to take those action steps that ensure the successful growth of your company. Whether your needs are executive mentoring or full responsibility for specific functions we are there as long as we are beneficial to the business.

Our support may be as little as 4 hours a month for three months or Greater than 40 hours a month for a year. It all depends on what best supports your plan for growth and enhanced success. Normally our continuing support falls within one of the following five categories.

Minimum Hours Per month
hours per month
hours per month
hours per month
hours per month
hours per month

The most important thing about our fees is the return on investment you get from drawing on our experience, expertise and willingness to do the necessary hard work.

Our Fees
"They are the perfect choice if one is looking for a seasoned advisor on all aspects of running a business form setting strategic vision to implementing measurable goals and objectives, marketing and employee relations."
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"A diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to its job."
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